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Muchos hacen el amor, pocos lo construyen Desconocido. (via peppermint-rides)

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Beachy Head. by james perkins. on Flickr.

*please dont delete the text-only the picture will show on your blog*
What is the tumblah network?
the tumblah network is going to be a network full of tumblr’s most elite blogs.
You will gain hundreds of followers as there will be an icon on your blog linking to the network.
It will have a huge range of blog categories:
Pastel/ Colour 
How can i get into the tumblah network?
You must be following me (a-eoli)admin) reblog this post (as many times as you want). Im tracking the tag ‘thetumblahnetwork’ you can create a post to say why you want to be in:).

Your follower count does not matter because there is hundreds of blogs who need to be recognised:)
I will be picking for this network when the post gets a good (1kish) amount of notes and if you have any more questions please ask me here. :)
Goodluck & happy reblogging x  
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